Advantages of Learning Excel


Ms Excel is a software application that lets users store, analyze, and visualize data.

It’s the most commonly used spreadsheet around the world. Although there are other spreadsheet applications such as (Google Sheets, Libre Office, Open Office) that can do similar functions to Excel, learning Excel can enable you to get the most out of the software.

Start learning Excel today and get noticed. To motivate you, here are some of the benefits of using Excel.

People are Used to Excel

Ms Excel software is the most widely available and used spreadsheet. This makes it simpler for users to get started with work rather than familiarize themselves with the application. Thus, it saves money and time, especially for companies with many employees.

A Great Skill to Have on Your Resume

Plenty of organizations and businesses already use Ms Excel. Getting advanced Excel training will enhance your resume and increase chances of employment.

A Great Data Analysis Tool

Excel can store large quantities of data–going up to sixteen thousand columns and a million rows. This allows users to analyze huge quantities of data.

With powerful searching, sorting and filtering capabilities, users can find and analyze vast amount of data. Combined with graphs and tables, seemingly infinite data may be presented solidly.

There are also a great set of Excel functions that can help analyze huge amount of data in seconds.

Formulas Can Do a Lot of Heavy Lifting

Formulas are one of the most important, effective features in Excel.

Excel formulas let users do calculations with data in the cells. From basic calculations like addition, subtraction and multiplication to complex calculations such as inventory management and salary tax reduction, Excel has all the answers. Formulas can get complicated however, so make sure to learn more about them.

Collaboration Is Now Possible

Excel has a new feature known as Web App that lets simultaneous users access and work on a shared file. This lets users maintain a file in a consistent and updated manner. Another plus of this feature is that you can have access to Excel at any time wherever you are. Provided that you have access to the internet, you can use Excel.

PS: If you’re on a budget, Google Apps is a great free alternative with amazing collaboration features. You can easily share your spreadsheets or Google Docs with your friends/colleagues.

Brings Data Together

Excel may be used to bring data from various documents and files together so it exists in one location. In addition to information and raw data from other spreadsheet applications, it’s possible to import images and text. The Insert tab can be used to add other objects, or extra spreadsheets may be added to an Excel file.

Nowadays, Excel is considered a critical part of any organization or company. With Excel training, you can get the chance to make the most of this application. From basic to advanced training, you can start learning Excel on the internet now and get certified.

You can find many online courses or can choose to work with a in-person trainer to get started. Whatever the medium of learning, it’s a skill that makes you standout in the job market.


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